Dr. Manjari Chandra

Onco- Nutritionist

Dr. Manjari Chandra’s passion for Nutrition Science and her versatility has enabled her to accomplish new heights in the field of health and nutrition. Having served as a Clinical Nutritionist and Diet Consult-ant for over 20 years in some of the top hospitals of India, Dr. Manjari has expanded the horizon of her expertise from hospitals to the corporate health sector.

Qualified in Hospital Administration, Dr. Chandra has a Master’s degree in Therapeutic Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics. She is also a Certified Sports Nutritionist, Diabetes Consultant and Educator and Weight Management Specialist.

She is actively involved in both state and national level symposiums, workshops and conventions on health, fitness, food safety, critical care and public health. Dr. Manjari has also been involved in corpo-rate health workshops having conducted them for major corporate houses like Infosys, IBM, Volvo, Sei-mens, Akzo Nobel, ABB, Philips, Oberoi Hotels and many more. She has also been a speaker at many premium educational institutions across the country.

A regular contributing writer on wellness for magazines and newspapers, both print media and digital media, she is a regular writer with prominent magazines such as TOI, The Week, HT, Health and Nutri-tion, Indian Express, Outlook and many more. She is also a regular Health Expert on primetime television shows on India Today, NDTV, MIRROR NOW, CNN News 18 and ZEE News.
Dr. Manjari Chandra holds lifetime membership of the Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) and is also a life time member of the Nutrition Society of India (NSI). Dr. Manjari’s career path has been both vertical and cross-functional as she has greatly evolved as a nutritionist.

Following are her major roles and responsibilities:

  • Patient consultations and education / therapeutic scheduling of indicated or referred patients and In-patient counselling for Nutrition education – post operative care and preventive medicine have been her areas of work.
  • Implementation of National Nutrition Policy and the Nutrition Care Model in line with NABH Stand-ards – Care of Patients.
  • Has been instrumental in developing and implementing weight loss programs leading to many suc-cessful weight loss stories.
  • Conducted workshops on Food Safety and Enteral/Parenteral Nutrition.
  • Delivered talks and educated people about healthy lifestyles and good nutrition, relevant to present day scenario.
  • Associated as an expert with Delhi Half marathon and held workshops for professional runners.
  • Has conceptualized many national campaigns at community level such as the Queen of heart Cam-paign, Suposhan, National Anemia Eradication program.